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About The Shahapur Bar Association

About Us

The bar association works for welfare of the advocate generally practicing at Shahapur Court. It represents them before all the government, semi-government offices as well as before the judiciary.
There is no record as to when the organization was founded, but according to some, it is there since inception of criminal court at Shahapur. It has history of visit of great Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar visiting the court after independence.
Earlier there were very few lawyers practising at Shahapur Court, most of them were from Thane, Kalyan and other part of district. Therefore, there used to be only the post of only the President, for communicating on behalf of the advocates to the Judicial Officer of the staff of court. However, after 1980, many people from the Shahapur Taluka came into practice. till the year 2011, the bar association use to have executive committee comprising of only two posts i.e. President and Secretary. In December 2011, the structure of the executive committee was reconstructed and posts of the Vice-President & Treasurer were created.
In January 2012, the elections for the posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer were held. After the election, the committee was further extended unanimously with three more committee member adding to it. The Bar Association was later on registered as per Societies Registration Act vide registration no. MAH/1973/2015/THANE on 10/12/2015
In the SGM held in January 2019, on the backdrop of general elections, the committee was again reconstructed. Now the Committee comprises of 13 members i.e. President, Two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer, Librarian, Joint Librarian & four committee members.


Civil and Criminal Court
Shahapur, Kalambhe,
Maharashtra 421601